Saturday, October 21, 2006

Last night I took Connor to his first football game, Green Valley High vs. Liberty. We went especially to see the kicker, Wayne Hope, who's part of our church. (He's really good.) We met his parents, Eric and Renee, early for the homecoming parade down Arroyo Grande, and afterwards, went in to the stadium. We were about an hour early. A high school kid came up and said that President Jimmy Carter was there. I knew he was in the area, campaigning for his son, Jack, for U.S. Senator. I took Connor and we went to the side field where Carter and his entourage was. He was getting interviewed, and when he was done, he came over to the small crowd and started shaking hands. Long story short, he came over and talked to Connor, and Renee snapped this photo. When I told the President that Connor was a good Southern Baptist boy, his eyes opened wide, and he smiled, and said that was good.
Green Valley won the game, and Connor had his first lessons in football. He kept asking if we were going to have a two-point conversion (Wayne passed the ball during a fake extra point attempt- he made it). When I told Connor to tell his mom about what happened at the game, instead of saying "I met Jimmy Carter" like I coached him, he said, "I had gatorade and cotton candy!"

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