Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Annette got up this morning at 3AM to let the cat out (there's got to be a better way), and found it snowing outside. She came in and told m, and we both went outside to look, and I ttok some photos. Not having anything better to do, I e-mailed the photo of the cat to our friend Leah, who sings on our Praise Team at church, and who produces the Las Vegas CBS morning show. She put Whiskers on TV, so that was cool. I stayed up, and so I'm sure I'll be dozing as we try tyo put on our Living Nativity tonight. Of all times, we get the COLDEST spell we can remember in a while. It's goin to be pretty good, though, and I'll post photos when I gets 'em...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I don't know exactly why it's taken so long to blog, but it's been almost four weeks exactly. In the past month we went to Yuma, AZ for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful visit with our family... Connor has performed in two preschool programs... Chloe is almost walking (any day now)... We have prepared and tonight presented a terrific Christmas praise and worship service... and best of all, we have had the privilege of taking a "peek" at our litle baby boy, who is on the way. If you want to see more of our little one, you can viit the website www.sneakpeekultrasound.com, and use the password 1229nv. As for me, I'm one proud pop, and mom's been glowing, too. All is going well with her pregnancy, although she's had quite a bit of contractions.
Next Tuesday through Thursday we're having a Living Nativity out in front of the church. The temps are going to be close to freezing, and we're using live animals (when I'm asked the question about live animals, I always respond that I'd rather they be live than dead), and you've probably heard that certain groups are protesting, so we'll let you know if anything exciting happens.