Monday, April 30, 2007

Here's photos of 2/3's of the kids. Caleb is such a sweet little baby, but he is our crybaby for sure. He'll scream on cue if you take the bottle out of his mouth or if you startle him, and he has a good little scream going on. He is so cute, and fun to be with, though...

Chloe is our little one girl wrecking crew, and is also pretty fast with the water works. If I say, "No no Chloe," for whatever reason she's giving me at the time, the tears flow like she was Tammy Faye Baker. She is a drama queen! This photo was taken at Easter, and I've been doing various things with Photoshop, so the colors may look a little un-natural- sorry.

I took Connor to his first Las Vegas 51's baseball game Friday night, and he lasted three innings, about the same as our starting pitcher. It's a great time- he gets a hot dog, a gatorade, some cracker jacks, he takes my camera and takes pictures of me, he goes and sees the mascot Cosmo, and he's ready to go. Somewhere in there there's a baseball game.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annette and I dedicated baby Caleb to the Lord in front of our church family last Sunday. We had Connor and Chloe with us, along with Annette's parents, and our choir, who we also asked to stand with us. It was a special time. We pray for the day thart Caleb receives Christ as Savior.
Since the last post, I went to New York for the first time. Our church staff attended the Pastors Conference at the Brooklyn Tabernacle, and had an incredible experience there. God is at work in that church. We were in conference most of the time, but also found a day where we saw the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building (we went to the top), and attended a Yankees game. It was a lot of fun.
Annette's mom and dad also came to help while I was gone, so they were able to be here for the dedication. ALso, ANnette's sister Alyson, who is a flight attendant, now includes Vegas on her routes, and is able to come see us from NYC one night a week. Annette is so excited, and Alyson is glad to be able to see the kids on a semi-regular basis.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We had a great Easter. I led six services over the weekend, and we had over 1600 in all of our services combined. After church our family posed for some photos for our new church magazine, and we found out just how hard it is to get three kids to smile at the same time!
We were invited to the home of our good friends, Stan and Jan Teeple, who live in Sun City Anthem. They have a beautiful home with an incredible view of the distant Las Vegas Strip, and in typical Teeple fashion, pulled out all the stops for a great party. The Easter Bunny was there, the kids had a hunt, and the food... oh man. Most of us men watched the Masters, while sampling the feast. CHloe was WORN out and Connor is still on a sugar high. It was a great day to worship and be with friends.