Monday, November 17, 2008

Connor was assigned evangelist BIlly Sunday for Famous America Day at his school, so we decided that in addition to giving his speech, he would recite a portion of one of Billy Sunday's sermon. He was terrific!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dad took Connor out for a fun day after he did such a great job at school. First, it was lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Second, we went to Ceasar's Palace to walk around and for Connor to play on the giant floor piano like the one in the movie "Big." We went by Field of Dreams, where Pete Rose usually is, and there was Pete- and Kenny Stabler, the Snake, former Crimson Tide and Raiders quarterback- a big-time favorite of dad's. Connor had on his Alabama hat, andd when we walked in, Kenny stuck out his hand and said, "Hey young man- Roll Tide?" Connor responded, "ROLL TIDE." He then told Kenny that he was born in Mobile, which made Kenny laugh and say that he was from Mobile too.

I told Connor to look at the ring on Kenny's hand, which prompted Kenny to do something I never thought he would do- he handed Connor his ring. Dad was a little bit excited at that point.

Pete Rose was sitting there atching all this, and so when Connor was passing him, he said, "Here, I want to show you this." It was a novelty World Series Ring that was huge. He told Connor is was from when he was fat.

Pete and Kenny Stabler couldn't have been any nicer to a couple guys not buying any of their product. I told Connor to shake the hand o the greatest baseball player of all time (he of the hated Cincinnati Reds, but I didn't say that out loud).

We finished up our day with a trip to the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame. Connor and I go there occasionally, and it is really great- over 200 pinball games from the 50's to today, and you can play 'em, for what they cost at the time.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here are several photos from the past few days... Chloe had a birthday October 28. My baby girl is now 3! We had a party with her best friend Chuck E. Cheese. Hooray!

Connor and Chloe went trick-or-treating and had a great time. Connor was Bibleman, and Chloe was a fairy pixie princess... something or other. She sure was cute!

Finally, here's a photo of Connor with our congressman from Henderson, Jon Porter, taken at a John McCain rally at the Henderson Pavilion the night before the election. It was an exciting rally- 11,000 strong cheering on our candidate. We really like our congressman, and support him, but sadly, he lost his bid for re-election Tuesday, along with so many other Republicans in Nevada.