Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Connor is on the cover of our church's latest magazine (the benefit of dad being the editor), along with a lot of his friends from church. The issue is focusing on our Children's Ministry, and if you'd like to see it on line, you can go to our church website at and check it out. Connor is sweet on little Natalie Mason, who is the little girl in the left-hand corner. When we tell stories at night and I let him fill in the blanks, her name comes up quite a bit. He is also taken with the little girl at thebottom, Day-day Limbengco. (I know that's wrong spelling, but it's a Philippino name, and I can't remember...) He thinks she's pretty neat, and when she's around, she gets his attention. His other buddies are the two boys with the long hair that kinda look like twins, Aki-shawn and Noah Jewell. Anyway, take a look...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Last Friday I went with my buddy Jerry Davison and some good people from Hope Baptist Church to Red Rock to video a commercial for their annual Men's retreat. I was the cameraman for this spot, and I think it turned out fantastic. Jerry is incredibly creative, and it is a blast whenever we get together to do stuff. We laughed and laughed at all the takes we took of the cavemen. Jerry's the old caveman with the white hair.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here's a beauty photo of my Connor taken by my good friend Hexel Hernando. Hexel is such a master photographer- you should hire him to photograph your family. Really.
Connor is such a salesman. He has a 1000 watt smile, goes right for the first name, and charms ya. The other night, he asked me to tell him another story, after I just finished with two long stories. I told him no, and he countered with yes, and when I said no again, he grabbed my face, leaned in, and pleaded, "Change your mind!" I laughed so hard Annette came in from the other room, just in time to hear me begin a third story.