Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ocean's 13.
Okay, the DVD's out, so if you want to see my only appearance (to date) in a major motion picture, go to the end of the film. The last scene has Damon, Clooney, and Pitt seated in the airport. It's the picture above. If that picture had continued to the left past Matt Damon another inch or so, that's where I was. Anyway back to the movie. Matt Damon leaves. George Clooney leaves. The next shot is Brad Pitt getting up to leave. I am on the extreme far right side, blue shirt with a computer bag over my shoulder, standing still, then walking towards and behind Brad Pitt. If you blink, you miss it!
I've only seen the film once, last summer in Philly. My great friend Stan Teeple, who owns two theatres there, shut down one of them one night for a private showing for me and Rick Strasser. (Stan was merely a very very good friend up until that point, but when someone shuts down a theatre just for you, they bump up.) I am going to get the DVD tonight, so after I view the scene a few times I will give you a critique of my work if it really stands out.
I haven't gotten to work on any other films, but you just never know. My goal is to one day have a part in a picture, or maybe even just a line, but at this rate, it might be a while. Meanwhile, enjoy my brief cameo in this star-studded film...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Connor and I went to his first college basketball game, UNLV vs. UNR (Reno). UNLV won, and we had a great time. I loved teaching Connor all the little aspects of a game (the scoreboard, the cheers, booing), and I just kinda skipped over the part where the fans were cheering to the "Hey!" song (that's all I know it as), and the students would cheer, Hey! You suck!
Here's some photos from my brothers house last Wednesday.

Chloe was in love with her cousin Raider.

Kyrstin loved holding and playing with her cousin Caleb.

Connor got to see his cousin Morgan for the first time in a while. Morgan is a sophomore at Arizona Western College, where she plays softball for the Lady Matadors.

Kylee & Alexis.

Caleb hung out with Uncle Eddie.

Here's a photo of a lot of cousins; Connor, Morgan & Alexis (two of my sister Mona's three girls); Raider, Kyrstin and Kylee (Eddie's kids) holding Chloe and Caleb.

We had a great thanksgiving dinner at Mona's house, with lots of family and friends. We had lunch with my sister Jeanette twice, visited a lot with Mona and Duane, and went to Eddie's house twice. We also went to El Charro with Jerry and Dixie Power, and although Dixie is not feeling great, she looks really good, and is always in good spirits. We came back ro Vegas Friday night.

Monday, November 19, 2007

My little sister Lisa and her family live in Decatur, Illinois, and go to a really great church, Glad Tidings Assembly of God. Last night Mandisa was in concert at the church, and they were there, front and center. Lisa said she was fantastic, which I have no doubt- we have her current CD and think it's great.
This is my nephew Max with Mandisa. Lisa said Max also got his picture on the front page of the Decatur paper- When I get it, I will post it (of course)...
We're travelling to Yuma for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and my kids are so excited to see all their relatives (my brother Eddie and his family; my sister Mona and her family; and my sister Jeanette and her family).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I had these taken on Chloe's second birthday. She's a little fairy!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

We returned Friday from a five day fall vacation to Prescott, Arizona. Annette and I, and the kids, and Annette's mom Anita, stayed in a cabin in the woods, and had a great time.

We went to the historic County Courthouse Square, on Whisky Row, and I tired out my wife and her mother with my limited knowlege of movies that were made there. ("Did you know that the movie 'Billy Jack' was filmed here, and this was the exact spot where Billy kicked some butt defending the hippies?")

Annette and I took Connor trick-or-treating on Mount Vernon Avenue on a tree-lined, idealic neighborhood in Prescott, and I guess the word got out that we were coming, because they blocked off the roads, and over 2000 kids marched up and down the street demanding candy. It was pretty impressive. It's my hope to have a little video of our time in Prescott on this blog soon...