Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Had a lot of my family visit recently, mostly just passin' through, but I'll take it. My sister Mona and family came for a couple days. That's my niece Morgan with Connor. Also, my mom, her husband Robert, and my sister Jeanette came for a night on their way back to Yuma. The kids love having family come and visit!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Anette had two concerts this past weekend, in Michigan and Indiana. Last night in Indiana, our friends Joshua and Suzanne Chavers drove over to Indiana from Louisville to attend the concert. It just so happens that Josh is a professional photographer and took these photos, for which I am so grateful. (You can see more of Josh's work @ I think Annette looks beautful, and I always hear great reports about her singing from our dear friend, Wayne's musical director and drummer, Marc Atkinson.
Oh, and just one more note about our friend Josh Chavers- he will be leading worship for us at Green Valley in two weeks, on Saurday night at 6PM, and Sunday at 9:45AM & 11AM. Don't miss hearing him!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Here's Connor having a litle "sleep" on the couch, with Chloe, and Caleb trying to get in the act.

This is what happens when Annette is out of town and Dave trusts Chloe to eat her PB & J like a regualr person.

Our Vacation Bible School had a tropical theme, and we all got leis. Caleb HAS to wear mom's lei- he puts it on and wears it around the house all day long.
Today I got to see proof that Annette actually does sing for Wayne Newton! I mean, it's only been four months, she has travelled thousand of miles, to Canada twice, Atlantic City, Oregon, Florida, and many other places, but I haven't seen a photo or a video... until today. If you want to see a 30 second video of Wayne on stage singing the end of Danke Schoen," in Metropolis, Illinois, you can go to, and see Mary Kate's entry about going to the show, along with a video where you can see Annette in the background. The drummer is our dear friend Marc Atkinson, and on the keyboard is our friend (and Annette's ride to the airport), the very cool Bob Pelander. Hopefully, at the end of this month (July 31), I will get to see the show, and hear Annette sing "Valentine," at the MGM Grand, where the show will play for seven days.

Friday, July 04, 2008

We had a fun Fourth, although without mommy... she had to travel for a concert tomorrow night in Illinois. We went to the Morris' home, had a great time if swimming and eating, and visiting with friends. We went home early so I could put babies to bed, and then Connor and I went outside with the neighbors and blew stuff up. Fun!