Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One of the things I've started doing since Annette began singing with the Wayne Newton Show is to google blogs, in the outside chance someone commented on a show she performed in. Here's an interesting one...

A very talented artist from Canada attended Wayne Newton's show last Thursday, and gave her bloggers-eye-view of the show. What was pretty cool is that since she couldn't take a camera into the show, she brought a sketch pad, and made a series of sketches throughout the show. The sketch above is one she made of Annette while she was singing her solo. The others are of, of course, Wayne Newton.

Here's her blog address: http://plasticmasters.blogspot.com/2008/03/i-saw-wayne-newton-at-casino-rama-on.html

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redcatdance said...

Dave! Imagine my surprise to see my drawings on your blog! Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's much appreciated! And you have three adorable young'uns... it really is commendable on your part to look after them while your wife pursues her dream. My husband has to deal with me sketching in dark theatres... so I know it's good to have an understanding, supportive spouse! My hat is off to both of you! I am going to officially link to your blog if that's all right with you?!

All the best,