Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last night Annette and I got to attend a concert at Cox Pavilion of the group that Annette sang with for many years, the Heritage Singers ( They were great. Most all of the singers at the concert last night were friends that Annette sang while in the group, so it was a real blessing, and a lot of fun. My biggest disappointment was that they were unable to be with us here at Green Valley on Sunday morning.
Val Mace is one of Annette's dear friends, and one of my favorite singers ever. Connor quickly fell in love with Val during the hour we visited with them at the Doubletree Hotel!

Rob Burkey and his wife Kerry are dear friends of Annette's. Rob is a Worship Pastor in Northern California, and an incredible soloist. I would love to get Rob to come by himself and lead worship at Green Valley sometime!

(Left to right:) Heritage Singers founder and friend Max Mace, Caleb, Annette, Rob, Val, Connor, and Tim Clahoun. Okay, one more- Tim is also an incredible soloist, and I would love for him to come and minister at Green Valley sometime soon as well!

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