Thursday, January 17, 2008

We had an eventful day. This afternoon was our monthly Senior Adult luncheon at church, and I asked Connor to join Annette and I in entertaining. It was his first time to sing with mom and dad on stage, and it was a pretty big deal for Annette and I. He did great, and was received very enthusiastically.

Then as I was getting ready to go home, I got an e-mail from our TV producer friend Leah, which outlined the activities of the Presidential hopefuls campaigning in Nevada. Henderson is a popular place for the candidates to come, and I read that Mitt Romney was going to visit one of our favorite restaurants, Claim Jumper, which is about a mile from our home. I picked up Connor, drove to the restaurant, and we got to see the media rush up close. My experience from my days in the media allowed me to beat the crowd rush and get a great vantage point really close to the Governor. Connor actually took the closeup photo of Romney below (that's me holding the cel phone, taking a photo)- I was amazed, and proud of my five year-old. Afterwards, we both got to shake his hand. (PS- for the record, Annette is a Fred Thompson supporter, and I am leaning towards the great Arizona senator John McCain, but hey, Romney could possibly be the next prez, and besides, it's fun to go and see all the hubbub.)

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