Friday, January 25, 2008

Time flies... Caleb, our baby boy, turned one year-old yesterday! We love our little Carebear (that's what Annette and Connor call him, because that's what it sounds like when Chloe says "Caleb"). I call him Bootie, for no particular reason- the same way my nickname for Connor has always been Booch and Chloe is Babiness (my baby princess). ANYWAY-
Caleb is having a party tonight at our home- cake and ice cream for our special boy, with some of our friends who love him. Enjoy the photos of my little Vegas baby boy!

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Anonymous said...


Cute pictures

I love the music at GVBC - I attend the 8:30 Gospel Services and enjoy the "old stuff."

At the 2007 Christmas Services you began a song that Annette and the choir continued. It was beautiful.

"Isn't it amazing that He came to where we are. Isn't it amazing that a king would go that far..."

It is included on the CD of that service, but I was wondering if you have recorded it anywhere else. Maybe you should!

What is the actual name of the song? Has anyone recorded it professionally?

Thanks for all your music ministry efforts.