Monday, July 30, 2007

Here's more photos from our Texas visit. Caleb got to meet his Pappaw and Grandmother, his great grandparents Melvin and Estelle Morrow. It was really good to see Melvin- about five weeks ago, as we were going to begin our 9:45AM service in Henderson, Annette came in and told me that Melvin was going to have a major operation, and that the doctors said he wouldn't survive. We prayed as we praised, and he pulled through. He's 90, and Estelle is, I think, 87 or 88, and they have just moved into assisted living. it was a big deal for us to let Caleb meet his great grandpa, because we didn't know how long we would have him here, but as it looks now, Melvin should have a number of good years left, PTL.
Caleb got to see a lot of his family- here's a picture of him with cousins Kara Beth and Haley Hall, two of Devra's four daughters- beautiful girls. There's also a photo of our kids with Victoria, Demi, and Elijah, three of Dana's six children. And then there's pawpaw with his little shadow, Chloe.

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