Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's September, and the official end of summer. As much as we love Nevada, we are never sad to see summer go. Too hot for us.
We just returned from a week in Avila Beach, California. We had a great time in a timeshare right on the beach. Connor and dad spent a lot of quality time together. We're so grateful to our dear friends, Rob and Betty, for allowing us to stay at their timeshare. If you ever get a chance to visit the central CA coast, by all means, GO. It is really great.
Connor turned four Sunday. I get the whole thing of kids growing up fast. You turn around and they're four. What's next? I really try to spend a lot of time with Connor every day. Just this past weekend we did some things together, including going to the 51's game. I'm getting him acclimated to baseball. He loves to eat crackerjacks, cheer the announcement of each Las Vegas player, and his consuming passion at the game is to see the 51's mascot, Cosmo. Oh, if you don't know, the 51's are named after Area 51, where many are convinced UFO's frequent. We have friends, including Rob who I mentioned before, who work there. It is fun for me to question these guys about their jobs, and receive the old "If I tell you I would have to kill you" line. I think anyone who has the ability to kill in their line of work is pretty cool. The most I can do at the church is throw a darting glare every once in a while.
Oh, I had a sighting in San Luis Obispo last week. I didn't know until I left, but in Starbucks I sat next to one of the baddest Ultimate Fighters on the planet, who just happened to win a championship in Vegas the Saturday previous, Chuck Liddell. He is a bad dude, and I say that with much respect.
"Starbucks? They should call it four bucks." I love that joke.
Anyway, Connor turned four and we had a party at the home of our friends, Andi and Bill. They allowed us to swim in their beautiful, custom built pool, made with a waterfall, built-in slide, the works. We cooked hot dogs and shared a beautiful (did I say hot?) September evening with friends. Connor loved all his presents and wanted to stay in the pool the entire night.
The baby's getting her personality, and it is so funny to watch. Chloe makes faces and tilts her head to Annette, and goes crazy when she sees herself in the mirror. She is going to be a heartbreaker.
Wow- a big post, and I haven't even gotten to all the great things God is doing at Green Valley. Soon...

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