Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Connor has become an internet junkie. He used to be into his cartoons, like "Max and Ruby" and "The Wonderpets," but ever since the day I introduced him to their websites (yes- Max, Ruby, and all the Pets, plus many of their friends all have a spot on the WWW), all he wants to do is interact with their games on line. He would play for hours if we would let him. I am constantly amazed how little kids like Connor can so easily pick up the feel of navigating on line, especially since he can't read sentences yet. He is very comfortable with a mouse. Go figure.
I took Connor to go see boxer Mike Tyson last Friday. I know. But it was Iron Mike. He is training at the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood, for no apparent reason (he doesn't have a fight lined up), but there he was, in all his, um, glory, training, with hundreds of people watching. It was like the Friday not too long ago when we were going through the Forum shops at Ceasars (we hadn't been, so we went), and Connor got to shake hands with Pete Rose. (I know- who's next... O.J.?) We also saw comedian David Brenner that day, and I got his photo with the boy.
Chloe is doing new and adventurous things each day. SHe and I have a bit where I hold her around her legs, and lift her straight up. I like to do this while seated on the couch, because there's a mirror on the wall behind me, and when I lift her up, she can see her reflection. It never fails- she goes crazy! She gives a loud, low "Ohhhhhh!" and starts smiling and babbling at herself. It's too cute.

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