Wednesday, June 17, 2009

While in DC, we had the chance to see several friends. We stayed with Annette's cousin Trey (picture in previous post) and were able to visit with him and see him in his office at Capitol Hill. We were able to have lunch with one of our dear friends from Green Valley, Pat Norman. Pat works in DC a good part of the year during the week, then flies back to Henderson on the weekends. I traveled with Pat and her huband Ellis on a missionary trip to Thailand about three years ago. They both think Connor is something else, and make it a point to see him and talk with on Sundays.
We spent Thursday night with Andrianna and Kelly Dunbar. Andrianna is a dear friend who was in my church in Tucson. She met her husband Kelly at Baylor, and they have been married for five years. It was an added treat that her mom and dad, Jon and Renee, came into town, and I was able to visit with them. Connor played Guitar Hero for Kelly half the night, and Kelly was great to encourage Connor while I talked with the Heidens. It's a great blessing to have friends and family in different cities, and to be able to visit while on vacation.

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