Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Thursday Connor and I went to the Capitol building to meet our Nevada Senators, Harry Reid and John Ensign. Each Thursday when the Senate is in session, our Senators have a meeting time/ breakfast with Nevada residents. Annette's cousin Trey Hicks, who we stayed with during the week, works for Senator Coburn of Oklahoma, so he took us to our meeting.
It was packed in the LBJ room of the senate, and so Connor and I tried to find a corner of the room where he could eat his donut in peace. We went to the far corner of the room, and it just happened to be where Senator Reid was. He came over, chatted with us, asked about our church, and Connor let him know he was a volunteer greeter at the church, meaning he wasn't paid. Senator Reid thought that was pretty good, and when we went to get an official picture with the Senators, he relayed Connor's comments to Senator Ensign.
Afterwards, we left Capitol Hill and traveled to the White House for a tour. We saw the East Wing, and really enjoyed it.
We then went back to the Capitol (I needed to get my camera, which you can't take to the White House, from Trey). We went to Trey's office, and Connor struck up a long conversation with one of the office managers, Mary, who has worked for as number of different senators in her career. COnnor and I explored the capitol building some more,and spent a little time riding the underground trains. We had passes, but I don't know for sure if we should have been riding the train reserved for the Senators, but nobody kicked us out or anything. :) We had a great day.

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