Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yesterday, Connor and I made our way to Planet Hollywood to see the "Gazillion Bubbles Show." It's supposed to be really pretty cool, and with a gazillion bubbles no less. (I give blood- I've given over a gallon since we've lived here- and one of the things they do to get you to come in is give you show tickets. That's where I got two duckets for the bubbles show.) Anyway, we went all the way there, only to be told that there was no show (it is on their website- a Friday 3PM show, plain as day). We were disappointed, got a lemonade, and vowed to return next week. On our way back to the parking garage, we had to go through Paris Las Vegas, and the first person I saw as we entered was my favorite Las Vegas comedian, George Wallace. (I still recall the early days of the FOX Network when they would have these shows featuring comedians. George Wallace was always on them. My buddy Chris Parrott and I would crack up at his "I been thinkin' " routine.) I took out the cell phone and asked George for a picture with Connor. He couldn't have been any nicer, and here's the photo. I've seen George twice, and rolled on the floor each time (no, I do not drink). It was a laughter roll. Connor thought he was nice, and as we drove home, I pointed out no less than four giant billboards for our man George and his show.

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