Monday, May 19, 2008

Okay, we don't usually let Connor read Star magazine (we're People people- but he doesn't read that either), but we made an exception this week when we found out that my little sister, Connor's aunt Lisa from Decatur, Illinois, is in this week's issue. I posted a week or so ago a photo from the Decatur newspaper of my sister getting her picture taken with Matt Damon. Well, that photo made it's way to Star, so we had to go out and buy a copy for posterity. Oh, and by the way, the movie being filmed in Decatur is still in production, so this weekend Lisa got Matt Damon to sign her copy.

My niece Baylee (Annette's sister Alyson's daughter) came for a brief visit last week, and the kids were in heaven. I haven't gotten to see Bayleee in a few years, so I was a little shocked to see that she's grown a foot and a half, changed hair color, and is a beautiful young lady.

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Anonymous said...

Bailee looks just like Allison!!! Wow!

Love keeping up with you guys!!!

Shari (your cousin in Houston)