Friday, April 11, 2008

Here's the first of several posts from my mom's 80th birthday celebration in Yuma, Arizona, last weekend.

Here's my family, minus dad, who passed in 1990. Back row is me and my brother, Ed Simpson. Middle row, from left, are my sisters Mona Evans and Freda Arnold; mom; and sisters Jeanette Chiles and Lauretta Simpson. On the ground is my little sister Lisa Barrows. The order form oldest to youngest is Laurette, Jeanette, Freda, Ramona, Edidie, David, and Lisa.

Mom, holding her dad's namesake, Caleb Benjamin (my grandpa was Benjamin Ashe). I learned more about my grandpa this weekend from my Aunt Elaine and cousins Brenda and Ellen, in from the east coast for the party (pictures to come soon).

Lisa finally got to see Chloe and Caleb. Chloe is her namesake- she is Lisa Violet, and Chloe is Chloe Violet. Chloe loves aunt Lisa!

All of my kids cousins, minus four. My kids love geting together and playing with all the cousins more than they love Christmas Day, I think.

Connor standing beside Uncle Eddie's Arizona Highway Patrol car.


Fenridal said...
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Dumuro said...
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Anonymous said...

I noticed that your children are named after your side of the family. Is there a child named after Annette's side?

David Simpson said...

Connor is named COnnor Doyle after his pawpaw, Doyle Morrow (Annette's dad).
If Caleb had been a girl, she would have been named after Annette's siter, Alyson, and then she'd be ahead 2-1. Tough break for her.