Friday, January 26, 2007

We were blesssed to welcome Caleb Benjamin Simpson into the world Wednesday night, January 24, at 11PM. For me, the best thing in the world is to watch your child being born, and this was no disappointment! He is a beautiful 8 pound baby boy. Annette was induced at 8PM (she was showing signs of preclampsia), and gave birth three hours later. We had a terrific doctor, Joel Schwartz, and he couldn't have been more reassuring and kind.
Benjamin is my mom's dad's name (my granddad), and she is thrilled to have his namesake in her family.
We took Annette to the nw St. Rose campus, San Martine, because Sienna was totally full. It is a beautiful new hospital south of the 2-15 off Durango. it wasn't our first choice, but in retrospect, we are very glad to have gone there. It has only been open a couple of weeks, and Caleb was the only baby there the night we came, so we got SPECIAL attention.
Annette is doing great, and should come home this afternoon. Connor saw his brother, and is so excited, but Chloe and Nanna have yet to meet him. We're hoping Chloe will take to him right away, but we know she misses mom, and will want her exclusively when she comes home.
God is good! Thank you, Lord, for our little baby boy...

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