Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Our big news to share this week is that a video clip of Connor singing "Silent Night" in our preschool choir from two years ago will be played this Sunday night, December 13, 2009, on "America's Funniest Home Videos." I don't know why I didn't send it in last year, but it got in for this Christmas. We were actually a little disappointed- I think everyone wishes their video can make it into the top three so you can get flown out to California and be on the show, but although it is a very cute video (you'll see), it wasn't someone getting whacked in the head with a hammer, so it didn't make it to the finals. But, since it is the favorite show for our family to gather and watch together each week, we are nonetheless thrilled, and will be cheering and laughing. Check for the time it broadcasts in your area. It is an ABC show. We will be rushing home from this years' Children's Choir concert to watch!

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