Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a while since my last post... Chloe had a birthday, it was Halloween, and we had family photos made... my best excuse is that Chloe's birthday and our family photos were shot by an amazing photographer friend who is going to get us the photos real soon, but becuase she's so great it's worth waiting for! No excuse for Halloween photos, though.

Chloe and dad are getting to be real tight... she is able to go to more and more things with me, although it is a process, let me tell you. COnnor is also getting used to his sister encroaching on COnnor/Dad time! Our church sponsored a Japanese Cultural Fair, and so I had her dress up in a little Japan outfit and we took her photo.. she is so cute! The other two photos are from Friday night at Coldstone Creamery with the family.

More photos are coming soon!

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