Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chloe started preschool on Monday. She was so excited, and happy to have two of Connor's former teachers at the Silversprings preschool.

Annette and Connor and I went to see the Las Vegas 51's the other night, and had terrific seats- second row directly over the dugout. It was jersey night; Connor was given a PCL (Pacific Coast League) official ball by one of the first base coaches; Annette caught a t-shirt; and it was only about a thousand degress with 100% humidity (I was proud of Annette for even going at all). It was a fun night. I think Chloe will be able to go next year (she is a STRONG-willed little girl)...

Here's a recent photo of our church worship taken by our friend Leslie Nemec. I like the way she shoots, and the deep colors she brings out... Thank you Leslie!

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