Thursday, January 29, 2009

This past Monday and Tuesday the Nevada Baptist Convention held their annual Evangelism Conference at our church, and I was the Music Director for the meetings. I always enjoy this conference, especially when we are asked to host, which is about every other year.
This year we had amazing speakers- Dr. Dwayne Mercer, pastor of First Baptist Church, Oviedo, Florida; Dr. John Franklin; and Henry & Richard Blackaby. Henry Blackaby is sort of a Southern Baptist icon, thanks to his incredible book, "Experiencing God," which has had hundreds of thousands of copies printed and read all over the world. But after hearing him speak, I discovered he was much more than an annointed author. He is an effective communicator, in a very soft spoken way. His son was equally persuasive, and preached a sermon that greatly moved me. The other men were amazingly effective and used of God.
I showed the video of Connor as Billy Sunday in the afternoon session, which went over extremely well. Connor followed that with his solo, "Everybody Ought To Know." Afterwards, I introduced him to Henry Blackaby, and took this photo.
It's been a long time since I last posted- I have lots more coming soon, but bear with me. it's the last of January, and- I'm not kidding- I'm sending out Christmas Cards this weekend.

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