Sunday, October 26, 2008

Took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon, and got a couple of photos. I am thrilled that Chloe is finally smiling when I ask her to, no small feat for the past couple of years. I had to trick her to get a smile shot. Caleb was sick this past weekend, but rallied enough to go with us. What am I saying- he had to go because Annette is out of town with the Wayne Show, and the cats weren't up to babysitting.

Connor and I went to see Mac King at Harrah's on a Friday afternoon a week or so ago, and had a great time. I had never seen Connor so excited- we had front row, aisle seats. Connor saw all the tricks close-up, and we were entertained. I was har-de-har-harring at all the juvenile innuendo in his act that was flying over Connor's head (Sir, did you just feel the first card jump into your pants pocket? No? How about the second card? Sir, did you just feel number two drop in your pants?) Mac King is a nice guy, and has a really pretty good show.

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Carolyn Hicks said...

Sweet pictures in the pumpkin patch. Let us see how you carved them.