Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our choir sang at the Henderson WinterFest a week ago last Sunday afternoon. It was a lot of fun, we well received, and afterwards, got to enjoy the activities. Dovie and Sam Spear took Connor on a little train ride, and bought him some very messy Indian fry bread- no it was a Funnel Cake. Same thing. They are on his "pretty cool people list," for sure. Afterwards, I took Connor on another four or five train rides, and as we were leaving, we saw Santa. A photog from the RJ came by, snapped this photo, and Connor got his picture in the Las Vegas Review Journal last Sunday. Big thanks to Edna Harris and Sadie Polish for informing me! We don't currently take the RJ, and I didn't know it was in there. That reminds me-I need to find the copy of the picture that was on the front page of the Yuma Daily Sun of my little sister Lisa with Santa, circa 1969 0r '70!

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