Friday, June 29, 2007

Here I sit in my office on a Friday afternoon in front of a computer, working like I was back at North Phoenix, editing video for our Independence Day Celebration. I know, I brought it on myself, and I'm not complaining, but I forgot how much work it is to produce about a half hour of (reasonably) good video. Let me tell you where I've been...
A week ago Monday I went to Philadelphia with Rick Stasser, the NBC Sports Anchor from Vegas, and friend, and we met up with Stan "The Man" Teeple, who is a businessman in Philly, a Green Valley member, and a good friend. Stan earned his name, as he led us on a tour of Philly, a trip to NYC Ground Zero, and a private showing in his theater of my movie, "Ocean's 13." (Yes, I was an extra in it for about three seconds at the end). We videotaped for our program, and had a great time. Too many stories to tell. (Oh, yeah, Rick and I also went to DC by ourselves, videotaped there, went to a Nationals game, and lunched at Baltimore's Inner Harbor on the way back.)
Now, all week long, I've been editing like a madman, and oh yeah, I also have to get the choir and band ready too. Yeah! It really is going to be great, and our church loves when we do services like this. I'm really looking forward to it.
Two weeks ago Monday I was in San Antonio at the Southern Baptist Convention. Served on the Committee on Committees, and actually got to sit on the convention platform Wednesday morning, something I never thought I'd get to do. It was okay, but without Annette, it might as well have been in Needles, California.
The kids were at Vacation Bible School all week, and all I ever hear is reports from teachers on how witty and bright Connor is. Go figure. Dad and Chloe are really bonding now, and I will be dedicating lots of time to my little girl starting Sunday after church (all this will be over!). I'm taking Connor to see Ratatouille (Connor loves anything related to cooking-and movie popcorn!), and I will be taking Caleb to get more photos made (he's a very good looking little baby). It's been busy, but I'm looking forward to blowing some things up on July 4!

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