Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wow. Today was a rollercoaster. Connor and I drove back from Utah, after seeing my niece Morgan play softball for Arizona Western College. Then we went back to the NBA All-Star Jam at the Mandalay Bay, where Connor got to personally meet and get photos with one of the NBA's biggest stars, Tracy McGrady, who autographed the new laptop I won Thursday. We were having a blast, but then from nowhere I was devastated by the news that one of my dear, dear friends, Virginia Parsons, passed away this afternoon in Mobile, Alabama. I really don't feel like posting about all the fun stuff that we did today right now, out of respect for her.
Virginia Parsons was a geniune friend- she loved me, supported me in prayer, and never let me forget how much she cared for me. She was extremely loyal to me and my family. I have had few people in my life who have showed such concern for me and my family, and I'll never forget her. She was a loving wife to her husband Henry, and had a large, beautiful family she was so proud of. She enjoyed her retirement years after spending a career in education as a school teacher. Virginia was part of a group of senior adults at First Church North Mobile that became dear to Annette and me. When we had our first child, he became the group's baby, and they would take turns doting on Connor. (That's Virginia with Connor in 2002 in the photo above.) Noboday doted on or fussed about our little baby boy more than Virginia, and you know how special people become to you when they love your children.
She would probably not forgive me if I didn't write about how crazy she was. She was one of the funniest people I've ever known. Some of the stories about Virginia are legendary to me and our group, and you could always count on her for a comment on any subject, and it would be right to the point, and funny. We all had inside jokes, about the Blue Goose, and the coyote in the middle of the road in Gatlinburg. Just the mention of these from Virginia would bring waves of laughter. I enjoyed talking to her on the telephone several times each year after we moved here to Las Vegas, and she was always so encouraging. I often joked with her that If I ever passed away, I wanted her front and center at my funeral, because I knew I could count on her to wail and cry real loud, and throw herself on my coffin, which to me would be a pretty good funeral! I did a good bit of crying tonight, and I'm sure I'll shed more tears for my dear, sweet friend, Virginia...
"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints...."

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Nicole Salter said...

Mrs. Virginia and Mr. Henry were the first people to welcome us to out new home when we moved in next door to them in March of 1998. She was such a comforting and compassionate person. This world has lost an angel. I'm still amazed at how many lives she touched. What an incredible woman!